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We design, install, maintain and repair cabling systems that are suitable for today's needs and those of the future. A network that consistently performs is a network built on a solid cabling infrastructure.

Structured Cabling

Strong infrastructures lead to stable networks

A cable network designed and installed by an expert technician safeguards your business against various data network problems. We follow stringent industry standards and provide you with detailed network information.

Even with the rapid change that exists in today's business enivronment, a well designed network has the flexibility and modularity to take advantage of new technologies at a minimum cost and without disruption to office productivity.

Business Cabling Services - Structured Cabling
Business Cabling Services - Emergency Repairs

Emergency Repairs

Tools and expertise when you need them most

Approximately 90% of computer network failures are attributed to poor cabling designs and installations. This often results in excessive downtime and loss of valuable data. Today's bandwidth intensive business applications demand a robust communications network.

Our experienced and trained technicians can test damaged or cut cables and repair them using world-class hardware.