Sunwire Whole Home Wi-Fi

  Whole Home Wi-Fi  

  Stronger Coverage

  Unified Network

  Eliminates Weak Spots

  Fast Speeds

  Easy Setup

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Sunwire Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh


Using the latest technology and most advanced equipment, we offer perfect Wi-Fi throughout your entire home. Experience wireless connectivity like never before.

Whole Home Coverage

Eliminates weak signal areas.

Sunwire's Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi technology covers your entire home in powerful Wi-Fi using multiple units that seamlessly work together to provide the fastest speeds and create a home network like no other.

Managed remotely by Sunwire's team of technical experts - you don't have to worry about configuration, troubleshooting or updates.

Add Whole Home Wi-Fi for $4.00/month*.

Get the Wi-Fi you've always wanted today!

How does Sunwire's Mesh Wi-Fi system work?

Our solution achieves seamless whole-home Wi-Fi coverage and eliminates weak signal areas once and for all!

  •   Units work together to form a single network name (SSID).
  •   Delivers signals to hard to reach areas with the fastest speeds.
  •   Devices automatically switch between your home's access points.
  •   All setup, configuration and troubleshooting is remotely managed and accessible by Sunwire technical support.
* The $4/mo. fee is applicable to customers already subscribed to Sunwire's $3 per month Wi-Fi service.

Whole Home Wi-Fi is compatible with all our Internet Plans

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