Founded in Sudbury, Ontario as a software development firm in 2009. Sunwire was able to achieve early success by developing a state-of-the-art, fully customizable and scalable IP-based business phone system. In 2010, the phone system turned into a deployable appliance - the SolSwitch - which has gone on to process over 1 billion phone calls.

In 2012, Sunwire's hard work and determination earned the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce's Business Start-Up Award. The team believed that their technology and skillset would completely revolutionize the way businesses communicate - and they were right. Carrier grade appliances such as the SolSwitch-2000 and SolSwitch-4000 were developed for enterprises and service providers. By 2014, the SolSwitch featured several back-up redundancy options, a hotel module, mobile integration and telephone service to over 95% of Canada.

Building off the momentum from its business services, Sunwire began introducing high-speed Home Internet and Home Phone service in 2016.

Today, Sunwire is one of Northern Ontario's fastest growing service providers. They provide reliable and affordable Home Phone and Internet services as well as business telecom solutions that empower companies to focus on growth rather than the complexities of archaic telecom equipment.

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We can help you with the following:

  • Home Internet
    Residential Cable and DSL Internet Packages
  • Home Television
    Residential IPTV Packs and Add-ons
  • Home Phone
    Residential Local and North America Plans
  • Business Internet
    High-Speed Cable and Dedicated Fibre
  • Business Phone Lines
    SIP Trunking, Analog, T1/PRI
  • On-Premise Phone Systems
    Powered by SolSwitch
  • Hosted PBX
    Powered by SolSwitch
  • Cabling Services
    Structured Cabling and Emergency Repairs

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Sunwire's Story

A glimpse at our journey.

  • 2009 The Beginning

    Sunwire Systems, a software development firm, is founded. Sunwire begins software development on a VoIP Business Phone System.
  • 2010 Introducing the SolSwitch

    The version 1.0 is released as an appliance. Standard customizable phone system features and some advanced call center features are included.
  • 2011 Addition of Hosted PBX

    Sunwire adds the Multi-Tenant Add-On module to the SolSwitch which allows system owners to host phone tenants on their appliance. This is perfect for building owners looking to offer phone service to tenants or for those looking to earn extra income from their phone solution.
  • 2012 SolSwitch Version 2.0

    Sunwire wins the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce's 2012 Business Start-Up Excellence Award. Sunwire also releases the SolSwitch version 2.0 including a full list of Advanced Features and High-Availability and Load-Balancing Backup Options for the SolSwitch.
  • 2013 100+ Million Processed Calls

    The SolSwitch processes its 100 millionth telephone call over the span of three years. Sunwire also releases the Hotel/Motel Hospitality Add-On module which includes a dashboard where front desk staff can enable long distance, enable message waiting indicators on room phones as well as wake-up calls.
  • 2014 Increased Service Offerings

    Sunwire expands its communication offerings - adding High-Speed Business Internet and Hosting services to compliment its telephone services. We also offer telephone numbers and services to 95% of Canada.
  • 2015 200+ Million Processed Calls

    The SolSwitch processes its 200 millionth telephone call since 2010.
  • 2016 Residential Expansion

    Sunwire begins to offer high-speed Home Phone and Internet services in Greater Sudbury. In the same year, Sunwire grew out of Sudbury to offer Home Phone and Internet to all of Northern Ontario.
  • 2017 Growth and Acquisitions

    Northern Voice & Data Inc. is acquired by Sunwire Inc. further adding to their portfolio of services. Operated as two separate entities, Northern Voice & Data offers businesses with Cloud services, Off-Site Backups, IT services and Video Surveillance.
  • 2018 1 Billion Calls

    The SolSwitch processes its 1 billionth telephone call in just 8 short years. Residential Internet and Phone services are expanded beyond Northern Ontario to include Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.
  • 2019 No. 48 - Canada's Growth 500

    Canadian Business and Maclean's ranked Sunwire as no. 48 on the annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies. Sunwire made the 2019 Growth 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 1,668%.
  • 2020 Introducing

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunwire was able to launch its mobile and desktop solution that allows users to call, chat and collaborate with clients and colleagues any time and on any device. Furthermore, Sunwire also completed the business and operations merger of Northern Voice & Data Inc., a regional pioneer and expert-led network and IT firm.
  • 2021 The Launch of Sunwire TV

    Following years of demand, Sunwire officially released its TV service platform. Using Sunwire Internet, Sunwire's TV services delivers quality HD signals with all the channels and features users have come to expect including Whole Home PVR.
  • 2022 Sunwire Integrates with Microsoft Teams

    Amid a growing need for hybrid work environments, Sunwire completed the integration of its SolSwitch Business Phone System with the Microsoft Teams platform. The benefits of integrating Sunwire's phone services with MS Teams include: streamlined communication and collaboration, keep your existing business number, flexible for remote workers, fully-customizable phone features and cost savings!
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