On-Premise SolSwitch Phone System - Overview

Sunwire is on a mission to revolutionize North America's business communications. The SolSwitch is an IP-based Phone System built from the ground up by our team of experts. We have put together an appliance which houses all of a business’ telecom needs in one device.

The SolSwitch is a robust and scalable appliance which enables its users to have complete control over their telephony system. With the ability to integrate with various telephone line types, the SolSwitch can give you everything you need now and in the future; for less money.

In the past three years, nearly 1,000 businesses have made SolSwitch their choice for business phone service due to its reliability, flexibility and reduction in monthly operating expenses.

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SolSwitch Appliances

SolSwitch 1000

The SS1000 is a robust 1U rack-mount appliance suitable for small to medium single-site or multi-site businesses. The SS1000 is compatible with any type of phone line and has several add-ons.

  • Up to 250 users/extensions
  • Loaded with our Core Features pack
  • Redundancy upgrades available
  • SIP-ready
  • Supports FXS, FXO or T1/PRI
SS1000 Appliance
SolSwitch 2000

The SS2000 is a 2U rack-mount carrier grade appliance that can be customized if needed. For enterprises or service providers looking for added redundancy, capacity and extreme performance.

  • Up to 1,000 users/extensions
  • Loaded with our Core Features pack
  • Dual power supply & hot-swap HDD
  • Additional redundancy available
  • SIP-ready
  • Supports FXS, FXO or T1/PRI
SS2000 Appliance
SolSwitch 2000

The SS4000 was designed for service providers. The SolSwitch-4000 is capable of supporting CLECs and ILECs with the SolSwitch multi-tenant and carrier platform. You can offer hosted PBX services to your customers by using your own appliance.

  • Designed for service providers
  • Resell and host PBX voice services
  • Dual power supply & hot-swap HDD
  • Additional redundancy available
  • SIP-ready
  • Supports FXS, FXO or T1/PRI
SS4000 Appliance
SolSwitch Peripherals

SolSwitch Peripherals

The SolSwitch supports a wide-range of compatible peripherals.

We have a large assortment of IP phones, conference units, paging equipment, analog equipment, headsets, cabling and more!

Whatever your business' needs are; we have the peripherals to support it.

SolSwitch Features

SolSwitch Features

The SolSwitch offers over 50 customizable telephone features to ensure your phone system works for you! Some of these features include, but are not limited to:

  • Call Recording
  • Queue Callbacks
  • Virtual Extensions (mobile)
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Scheduled Routing
  • Find-Me Follow-Me
  • Roaming Extensions
  • Web Portal Management

Mobile Integration

Mobile Integration

The SolSwitch offers multiple ways to integrate your mobile devices with the phone system.

System features such as Virtual Extensions and Find-Me Follow-Me allow you to easily route calls to an outside number such as a mobile device.

There are also 3rd party soft-phone Apps which allow you to connect directly to the phone system and log into your extension using your mobile device. You can then make calls and use your mobile phone with the same functions as your desk phone and give the impression you never left the office.

SolSwitch Feature Add-Ons

Multi-Tenant Add-On

The Multi-Tenant add-on allows SolSwitch owners to host their own tenants on their appliance.

This is perfect for buildings looking to offer phone service to tenants or for those looking to earn extra income from their phone solution.

Multi-Tenant Partnership agreement is required.

SolCast Add-On

SolCast is a call scheduling tool that allows users to enter a list of numbers to contact and play a pre-recorded message.

Who to call, what days and time to call, how many times to retry are all options that can be configured inside the SolCast feature.

Perfect for appointment reminders or past due notifications.

Hospitality Package Add-On

The SolSwitch hospitality add-on includes a dashboard which allows the front desk staff to enable/disable access to long distance, enable/disable message waiting indicator and set the next day’s wake-up call time.

The dashboard grants access to specified list of IP addresses without having to login which makes it easy for the front desk staff to open and use.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

Sunwire offers the lowest TCO available in the market place.

Customers typically report a return on investment within one year of using the SolSwitch PBX. All others report a return on investment within three years.

If you can find a comparable system for a lower price - we'll match it!

Growth and Scalability

Growth, Growth, Growth

The SolSwitch has a scalable, modular design allowing your business to add to its hardware package, as required.

Our solutions are especially suited for businesses whose offices and employees are dispersed geographically and are looking to increase voice communication without incurring additional charges.

SolSwitch's true potential shines in multi-site businesses.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Sunwire's solutions will reduce your monthly telecommunications cost while increasing efficiency.

Due to Sunwire's infrastructure and expertise, we are able to pool your business' phone lines without compromising call quality or reliability.

On average, we save new customers up to 80% on their monthly telephone costs.

No Licenses

No Licenses

The SolSwitch's features come with everything shown in the its feature list; with no limitations.

We will not charge you a license fee for additional Extensions or Voicemail Boxes. We will not limit how many Virtual Extensions or Queues you can have. We will give you all reporting tools available without charging for extra licenses.

We believe that you should get what you see without incurring more charges!

SolSwitch Administrative Web Portal Screenshots

Web Portal Screenshots

The SolSwitch's Administrative Web Portal allows administrators to control and edit their phone system's features and functionality on the fly from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Add extensions and voicemail boxes, change auto-attendant options, toggle time rules, alter system recordings, forward calls to cell phones and more!

Redundancy Add-Ons

High-Availability Redundancy

High Availability refers to a system or component that is continuously operational for a desirably long length of time. HA works by connecting and syncing two appliances together.

One system is active and the other is on stand-by. Should the active unit fail, the stand-by system instantly becomes active with no active calls being affected thereby ensuring constant connectivity.

Load-Balancing Redundancy

Distributed Load-Balancing is a computer networking methodology to distribute workload across multiple computers or clusters. SolSwitch’s Load-Balancing involves having two synced systems at separate locations.

In the event that one location suffered a catastrophic accident, the other location could continue to operate and support the phone system without down-time.

Analytics and Reporting Tools


The SolSwitch offers a wide-range of troubleshooting and monitoring reports as well as call detail reports.

Our reporting tools will allow you to monitor your line usage in order to better prepare and anticipate growth. You can also view details regarding individual calls, queues and extensions for customer service reasons.

These reports can help manage efficiency throughout your organization.

SIP Security


Sunwire ensures that you can easily deploy public SIP devices without worry. Rolling out a public SIP service can sometimes bring about several security concerns and we've taken the proper precautions to keep you safe!

This is why we at Sunwire have developed the SolSwitch Guardian. The SolSwitch Guardian was specifically built to prevent unauthorized access to the SolSwitch and its services.



The SolSwitch is a vendor-neutral appliance. This means that our system is not proprietary to one vendor.

This advantage allows Sunwire to interconnect with various brands and models in order to provide the best possible solution to our client.

We are compatible with many industry leading manufacturers.

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